Our Story

Krinou understands that dressing is a form of self-expression and a woman’s feeling changes as she cruises through life. One day she may be ultra feminine, yet on the next day she can be a fervent rebel. She is ever-evolving and never hesitant to present different facets of her many selves. Through fashion, Krinou seeks to explore every part of this harmonious contradiction and lend it a voice that will reverberate across the room. A kaleidoscope of beauty that will shine light on every persona she will ever feel.


When dressing up, a Krinou woman will not simply be pleasing to the eye but will also engross and provoke whoever lays eyes on her. Bold and radiant, she is ready to unapologetically tell the world what she truly is: a feminine force to be reckoned with.


Craftsmanship has always been our key to deliver the best fitting ready-to-wear dress with the most luxurious detailings. Our product is crafted from selective quality material, tastefully composed into a striking design, and precisely fit into different body types. Each piece is the fruit of intensive workmanship and our love to create beautiful things


Krinou is a brand for women, by women and we strive to be the rising tide that raises all ships. Our meticulous craftsmanship has been honed collaboratively with an entirely in-house production line comprising local artisans, most of whom are women from diverse backgrounds. Even if we had to start from scratch, we are proud to empower and be empowered by our artisans to deliver immaculate products that are uniquely Krinou.


Karina Ondang is the Creative Director and Founder of Krinou since June 2015.


Born in 1989 Indonesia, Karina has always been obsessed with self-expression through fashion. She’s always had particular specificity for her looks to the point that she’d taken to design her own birthday/party dresses since her pre-teen years. It’s always been her hope that she can lend her voice to other women through her own clothing line.


Albeit delayed, her dream never died even after she graduated business school. Karina set out to realize her dreams through various research and experimentation. Over time she has refined her take on femininity, and founded Krinou to offer a beautiful plethora of clothing that captures the intricacy of the feminine charm.


The different facets of Krinou reflect Karina’s love for ultra femininity as well as the streak of ferocity that she believes exists within every woman. Delivered in a marriage of design and craftsmanship, through bold silhouettes and lavish detailings, she aims to help women confidently express their various persona to the fullest.